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New Bill Would Ensure No Woman Is Forced to Give Birth in Chains

The practice of shackling pregnant women who are incarcerated is as shocking as it is widespread. When a woman becomes pregnant, the nature of her health care by necessity becomes tailored to her being pregnant. This is no less true … Continue reading

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How Much Notice do you Have to Give a Tenant to Move Out in Illinois?

In this article, we discuss when and how to notice a tenant and what situations can arise where they must leave sooner. Read more detail on Recent Real Estate and Property Law posts –

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Matthew Rheingold responds to NJ.com query, “My parents won’t give me copies of their wills. What should I do?”

Matthew S. Rheingold quoted. As seen in NJMoneyHelp.com/NJ.com, August 29, 2018 Q. My parents say I’m the executor of their wills, but they refuse to give me a copy. I don’t want to be nosy but I’m worried about what happens … Continue reading

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Ship arrests in the UK – can an arresting party be required to give cross-undertakings in damages?

The law on ship arrest in England is well-entrenched. In essence, a party’s ability to arrest a ship in the UK occurs as of right. Accordingly, a shipowner will be unable to recover any compensation at all for wrongful arrest … Continue reading

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Episode 010: “No, I won’t give you my Debit Card PIN Number” (FCOA Precedent: Acree, #17-1749, Legal standard to withdraw an appeal orally at BVA)

What is the Deep Issue in the Case? VA regulations provide that a veteran’s “appeal may be withdrawn as to any or all issues involved in the appeal.” 38 C.F.R. § 20.204(a). a statement made by a veteran at a board … Continue reading

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