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Getting Divorced When a Spouse Is Nowhere to Be Found

Divorce is usually precipitated by an uncomfortable conversation during which at least one spouse must work up the nerve to say he/she wants out of the marriage. If given the choice, it is likely many would skip this step if at … Continue reading

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Getting Rid of Traffic Tickets in Bankruptcy

Fines for parking  and traffic tickets are a big concern for our clients, especially for those who drive professionally for a living. While these fines are rarely a factor in the decision to file for bankruptcy, they can influence which … Continue reading

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Getting the Most from Your Relationship with Your Divorce Therapist

Many couples pursue marriage counseling, but the need for emotional release doesn't end after you decide to end your relationship. Divorce therapy could help you communicate more effectively with your soon-to-be ex-spouse, thereby ensuring an amicable, expedient separation. Ready to … Continue reading

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U.S. Waterways Are Getting Saltier, With Possible Effects on Drinking Water

Science: U.S. rivers are getting saltier, potentially compromising drinking water: “The bomb cyclone that hit the northeastern United States last week left roadways and vehicles caked in a white film of road salt and grime. Those salts might be washing … Continue reading

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Getting Tax Cut Benefits to Those Who Need Economic Relief: A Drop in the Bucket But Never a Flood

A reader pointed me to a Detroit Free Press article explaining that the Michigan Public Service Commission has directed regulated public utilities to analyze the impact of the recently enacted federal income tax cuts on their financial position and to … Continue reading

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