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Where do I Sue a “John Doe” Driver for Negligence in Georgia?

One of the first legal questions you need to answer before filing a personal injury lawsuit in Georgia is, “What is the proper venue?” Venue refers to the locality where a case is heard and tried. In the State of … Continue reading

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Georgia Court Weakens Protocol Protection for Brokers

The Georgia Court of Appeals has held that the Protocol for Broker Recruiting (“the Protocol”) does not preclude Financial Advisors from informing their employers of their intentions to leave. Some firms have Notice of Termination provisions in their employment contracts, … Continue reading

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Failure to Yield Accidents in Georgia

Failure to yield accidents are fairly common in Georgia. Often a driver may fail to stop at a red light, or a stop sign or fail to give way when merging. These types of accident can be very serious. They … Continue reading

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The Penalties for White-Collar Crime in Georgia

White-collar crimes are financial crimes such as fraud and embezzlement that do not involve violence. Although no victims are usually physically hurt by white collar crimes, these offenses can be very damaging. The penalties for white collar crime in Georgia … Continue reading

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Is a Georgia Store Owner Liable for Customers Injured in the Parking Lot?

It is well understood that in Georgia, a store owner is liable for injuries caused by hazardous conditions on store premises. But what exactly do we mean by “premises”? For instance, if you are walking down the aisle of a … Continue reading

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