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“And the Deposition Goes to the Gentleman in the Blue Pinstripe Suit”

Ronen Avraham & William Hubbard, Procedural Flexibility in Three Dimensions (Unpublished draft, 2018). Jay Tidmarsh A burgeoning procedural literature explores the power of parties to alter the procedural entitlements of the civil-justice system by means of contractual agreement and the … Continue reading

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Divorce Saloon: Top 10 Things A Gentleman Should Do (Or Avoid) During Divorce

Divorce Saloon offers an interesting top 10 of how a gentleman should act during divorce: 1. Don't call your soon to be ex-wife and her (female) lawyer by choice names. 2. If you are a public figure, refuse to air … Continue reading

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A Sub-Ordinary Gentleman

This blog is moving. I'm not shutting down, I'm taking advantage of a fantastic offer from one of the best blogs out there on the Interwebs, the League of Ordinary Gentlemen. For a time, I'll be cross-posting most of my … Continue reading

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