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The Impact of Compulsive Gaming on Divorce Rates

Q: Is video gaming impacting divorce rates?Because Arizona is a “no fault” divorce state, filing for divorce in Arizona is generally easy and straightforward in most cases. Unless you are trying to dissolve a “covenant marriage”, you don’t have to … Continue reading

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Thinking about Gaming Your Social Media and Internet Sites? The New FTC Online Endorsement Guidelines Say You Better Think Again.

The Federal Trade Commission recently announced a series of guidelines to help verify that online endorsements are honest. The guidelines are aimed at preventing companies from trying to game the online ratings systems. Consumers often look at company sites and … Continue reading

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FDA list of drugmakers the agency says are using “gaming” tactics to keep generic competition off the market

Business Insider: “The FDA just published a list of drug makers the agency says are using “gaming” tactics to keep generic competition off the market. The list of 52 drugs are made by some of the biggest pharmaceutical companies including … Continue reading

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Attention Manufacturers of Gaming Devices: Nevada to Consider Regulatory Amendments

In Nevada, manufacturers and distributors of gaming devices and related equipment have been unwilling to enter the market because of the high cost and arduous nature of the licensing process. This can curtail innovation and development of new products, as … Continue reading

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