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Pinkerton Duels with Wild West Video Game Maker in Trademark Infringement Lawsuit

In an unlikely matchup, a new trademark infringement lawsuit pits a 165-year-old brand against the maker of one of the hottest video games on the market. The case shines a spotlight on two key issues: the duration of trademark rights … Continue reading

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Food Safety & The BIG Game

The BIG Game is upon us folks. Even if you don’t follow football, there is electricity in the air this time of year. Fans from across the globe gather in front of their televisions, local pubs, or in the stadium … Continue reading

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Remember to Exercise Super Judgment When Discussing the Big Game

The matchup for the National Football League’s championship game, aka the “Super Bowl”, is set. The Los Angeles Rams will face the New England Patriots on Sunday, February 3 in Atlanta in a game that will be hard pressed to exceed … Continue reading

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Board Game Patents – Tsuro

The Patent Tsuro, the tile-laying board game was not released until 2004, but the underlying game has been around much longer than that. The original game was called “Squiggle” and was the subject of United States Patent Number 4,180,271 (the … Continue reading

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Game Changer: Sales Tax Reform Video

The recent SCOTUS Wayfair decision has changed the sales tax game. Many states are updating or creating new laws in response. You may have been complying before, but chances are that has changed. Our recent video, Game Changer: Sales Tax … Continue reading

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