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Title Companies are changing the way some Buyers are going to need to bring purchase money funds to closing. If these changes are rigidly enforce, the transition is likely to be a rough one and anyone with a purchase or … Continue reading

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Eccleston Law Investigates Gibraltar Partners and Rahfco Funds Following Allegations that Former Edward Jones Brokers Were "Selling Away" Into These Investments

The attorneys at Eccleston Law have launched an investigation following the FBI investigation of two former Edward Jones brokers in South Dakota accused of raising money from clients who invested in what appears to be a Ponzi scheme. Investors with … Continue reading

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EnerTrac Raises $4.2M in VC Funds

MBBP client EnerTrac Inc., a startup that makes devices used for remote monitoring of such items as thermostats, fuel tanks and heating and ventilation systems, recently announced it has completed a $4.2 million Series A round of financing. Investors include … Continue reading

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Senate Approp. Comm. Eliminates Funding for Prisoner Reentry , Increases BOP Funds

Remember the big deal Attorney General Eric Holder made of the Administration's increased proposed funding for Prisoner Re-Entry programs? And Holder's touting the inauguratiion of a cabinet level "Reentry Council"? And how proud Obama and Holder were of the amounts … Continue reading

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Indiana Relaxes Prohibition on Performance-Based Fees for Hedge Funds Following Dodd-Frank Act

A "client" of a company that would be considered an investment company under Section 3(a) of the Investment Company Act of 1940, but for the exception to the "client" definition in Section 3(c)(1) of that Act, will be the limited … Continue reading

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