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Decoupling Intellectual Property’s Incentive and Allocation Functions

Daniel J. Hemel & Lisa Larrimore Ouellette, Innovation Policy Pluralism, 128 Yale L. J. __ (forthcoming 2018), available at SSRN. Ted Sichelman It’s rare for two JOTWELL editors to choose the same article to review. When that happens, it’s surely a … Continue reading

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Is a Digital Coin that Functions as a Medium of Exchange a “Security”?

One of the cutting-edge legal issues – one that is raised in a number of pending securities class action lawsuits – is the question of whether cryptocurrencies are “securities” and therefore required to be registered with the SEC before they … Continue reading

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What are the essential functions of a job?

The California Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) requires employers to provide a reasonable accommodation for an individual with a disability to perform the essential functions of the job unless it would cause an undue hardship on the employer. Common … Continue reading

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"Psychopathy, Executive Functions, and Neuropsychological Data: a Response to Sifferd and Hirstein"

"Psychopathy, Executive Functions, and Neuropsychological Data: a Response to Sifferd and Hirstein" by Marko Jurjako and Luca Malatesti has been published in the most recent issue of Neuroethics. Abstract: Katrina Sifferd and William Hirstein, in their paper ‘On the criminal… … Continue reading

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In Legal as in Other Business Functions: Match the People You Assign to the Task at Hand (Part III of III)

Part III For routine, repetitive, or high-volume legal or regulatory compliance tasks, ask yourself which service provider brings the the right business processes — and perhaps the right technology — to the need presented. … Some of your company’s legal … Continue reading

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