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Frozen Assets During Divorce: What You Need to Know

Today, you tried to use your debit card for a normal purchase, but your payment was declined. You called the bank and found out your accounts are frozen. Is this scenario an effect of dissolving your marriage? Chances are, it … Continue reading

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A Legal Battle Over Frozen Embryos in China

It is not uncommon for people nowadays to seek out assisted reproductive technology, such as in vitro fertilization (IVF), to conceive children. The technology allows freezing the embryos created through IVF for use at a later date, when for example fertility may … Continue reading

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Resolving Disputes Between Divorcing New York Spouses Regarding the Outcome of Unused Frozen Embryos

Today, the definition of “family” is wider-ranging than it’s ever been before. Along with that truth is the connected fact that the issues faced by the courts and couples going through divorce and other family law issues span a broader … Continue reading

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30 Sick in Canada from Frozen Raw Chicken

In Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, and New Brunswick, there have been a total of 30 cases of Salmonella illness linked to poultry, including frozen raw breaded chicken products. There have been no recall warnings associated with this outbreak. The Public Health … Continue reading

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Am I Frozen Out of My Spouse's Frozen Pension Plan?

Many traditional defined benefit pension plans that provide a monthly annuity payment to the employee at retirement have been frozen over the past decade. There are a number of reasons why corporations are freezing their pension plans, mostly economic. What … Continue reading

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