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French struggle to say au revoir to 35-hour law – World business …

A new law that allows French companies to negotiate their way out of a 35-hour work rule is meeting resistance from both workers and the employers it was meant to benefit. Read more detail on Legal News Directory – General … Continue reading

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French NGO Claims Many Manufacturers Fail to Comply with Nano Labeling Requirement

UFC-Que Choisir, a French non-governmental organization (NGO), announced on January 23, 2018, that it filed complaints against nine manufacturers of food and cosmetic products for failure to comply with the requirement to report the presence of nanomaterials on the product … Continue reading

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French Constitutional Court Rejects Challenge to Image Right in National Monuments

                                                                                 … Continue reading

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French government claims back « France.com » (as trade mark and domain name)

According to French Courts, the name of a country is like a person’s name. National governments can therefore prevent appropriation by private entities of their country’s name, even in the absence of a registered mark. This was the case of … Continue reading

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French Cruise Passenger Charged With Smuggling 24 Kg of Cocaine Into New Zealand

Drug traffickers often look to cruise ships when attempting to subvert customs officials. However, the authorities are becoming increasingly skilled at detecting drugs and other illegal substances. This week, a 26-year-old man was arrested and charged with smuggling 24 kg … Continue reading

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