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Ninth Circuit Joins Fourth Circuit in Holding That CAFA's Class Action Removal Provisions Do Not Apply to State Parens Patriae Suits

It has certainly taken me long enough to get around to posting about it, but the Ninth Circuit issued an opinion earlier this month that raises an important issue for those of us who defend consumer class actions: what is … Continue reading

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I Hope There's a Fourth Amendment in Heaven

RIP Pat Barber (via Tony Vitz). Barber died 29 July 2011. Here's a story about him in his local paper, and here's a 2004 story from the Idaho Observer. (I mentioned Pat before here.) Copyright © 2010 Mark Bennett. This … Continue reading

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GPS Surveillance and the Fourth Amendment: Thoughts on United States v. Jones

In United States v. Jones, FBI agents installed a GPS tracking device on Jones' car and monitored where he drove for a month without a warrant. Jones challenged the warrantless GPS surveillance as a violation of the Fourth Amendment. The … Continue reading

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FBI reports decrease in violent crime for fourth straight year

[JURIST] Violent crime in the US dropped for the fourth consecutive year, the FBI [official website] announced [press release] on Monday. The estimates are part of the annual figures prepared as part of the Bureau’s Crime in the United States … Continue reading

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Fourth Circuit Judge Recognizes Taxing Power Authority

While a number of law professors have argued that the individual mandate to purchase health care is authorized under the taxing power of Congress, federal judges had uniformly rejected the argument–until two days ago. In a concurring opinion in Liberty… … Continue reading

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