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When Smart Devices Talk: AI and Fourth Amendment Rights

Artificial intelligence (AI) is woven into the fabric of our everyday lives, whether it is smartphones in our pockets or virtual assistants in our homes or offices. While smart devices aim to make our lives easier, their proliferation raises important … Continue reading

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Fed. Court in NY Enjoins Enforcement of Short-Term Rental Regulations on Fourth Amendment Grounds

This post was authored by Edward J. Sullivan, Esq.             Airbnb, Inc. v. City of New York, Nos. 18 Civ. 7712 (PAE), 18 Civ. 7742 (PAE) (Order on Motions for Preliminary Injunction, January 3, 2019) resulted in the issuance of … Continue reading

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Fourth Circuit Rebuffs Rastafarian-Prisoner's Claim for Communal Feasts

Steven D. Schwinn, John Marshall Law School The Fourth Circuit ruled today that a Rastafarian prisoner in North Carolina couldn't show that prison officials denied his religious-exercise rights when they rejected his request to celebrate Rastafarian holy days through communal… … Continue reading

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‘SO…?’ and ‘S.O.’ confusingly similar, says EUIPO Fourth Board of Appeal

Can “SO…?” and “S.O.” be regarded as confusingly similar, even if the said marks are envisaged for different classes of the Nice Classification? IF SO, do they bear the same meaning within the EU?The EUIPO Fourth Board of Appeal recently … Continue reading

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EUIPO Fourth Board of Appeal allows registration of Bacardi bottle as an EUTM

In December 2017, Bacardi & Company Ltd applied to register the following figurative sign as an EU trade mark (EUTM):Registration was sought for goods in Class 33 (Alcoholic beverages except beers) of the Nice Classification.The EUIPO examiner refused registration due … Continue reading

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