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Don’t Forget to Include Client Responsibilities in Your Fee Agreement

Your attorney fee agreement should not only state your responsibilities as the attorney, it should also include a provision setting out the client’s responsibilities. Check out these sample provisions. An agreement required by Bus & P C §6148 must set … Continue reading

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Don’t Forget to Switch from SSI Benefits to Disabled Adult Child Benefits

Because of a disability, a person receiving Supplemental Security Income (SSI) may not have worked long enough to qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits on their own work record.   You might assume, therefore, that this person can never … Continue reading

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Set It, Don’t Forget It: Outlook Reminders

Email. It’s the best and the worst at the same time. While it enables us to keep in constant contact with other (especially coworkers) it’s quite easy for your inbox to become overwhelmed with messages. It’s so easy to glance … Continue reading

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Don’t forget about makeup time

Makeup time is one of the rare occurrences under California law that employees have flexibility to adjust their work schedule to accommodate for important life events that come up from time to time. Makeup time allows employees to take time … Continue reading

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Cryptocoins for Copyright: KODAK encourages photographers to forget the middleman

By CaroLea Casas We are in the midst of a cryptocurrency frenzy. A series of memes has taken over the internet in recent months—all about Bitcoin. Some economists have considered whether the cryptocurrency market is a harbinger of yet another … Continue reading

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