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Countrywide Financial Fabricated Documents in Foreclosure Case

Countrywide Financial Corporation, formerly one of the nations biggest subprime lenders, has admitted to fabricating documents in a Pennsylvania womans bankruptcy case. The implementation of the so-called recreated letters took bankruptcy attorneys and judges by surprise. Read more detail on … Continue reading

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Real Estate Foreclosure Process

Most home buyers cannot afford to pay for their homes. Instead, they purchase their home by taking out a loan. To secure the loan, creditors require that the home buyer sign two documents. The first is a payment note which … Continue reading

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What are Possible Remedies for An Unlawful Foreclosure?

If your home has been foreclosed upon, you may be looking for possible remedies for what you may consider an unlawful foreclosure. In Washington state most foreclosure sales have to go through the Washington state non judicial foreclosure process. It … Continue reading

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Home Remedies For Foreclosure Breed Bankruptcy Tragedies

Warning: virulent outbreak of do-it-yourself bankruptcies all around. Symptoms:  panic over prospect of foreclosure Supposed remedy:  file your own skeleton Chapter 13 bankruptcy Prognosis: enjoy the stay for about 2 weeks, followed by foreclosure relapse Homeowners facing foreclosure Three different … Continue reading

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New York Foreclosure Defense – Public and Private

A recent article in the New York Law Journal discussed the possibility of public foreclosure defense services being in jeopardy due to government funding cuts.  What does this mean for the homeowner whose home may be in danger of being foreclosed? … Continue reading

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