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Florida Federal Court Finds Insurer Must Defend Contractor in Defective Condo Construction Suit

The United States District Court for the Middle District of Florida recently granted summary judgment in favor of developer, KB Homes, ruling that Southern Owners Insurance Co. must defend KB Homes under various Commercial General Liability policies. The action arises … Continue reading

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The Ongoing Saga of the Florida Bar’s Angst About Competitive Keyword Advertising

In August, I reported on the Florida Bar’s continued angst about regulating competitive keyword advertising by lawyers. Read my post, “The Florida Bar and Competitive Keyword Advertising: A Tragicomedy (in 3 Parts),” for the full background. The short story is … Continue reading

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How to Go About Dividing Business Entities Like LLCs in a Florida Divorce

A divorce case may often revolve around matters like child custody and child support, alimony and property issues like who gets the house and the cars. Other times, they’re much more complex, especially if one or both spouses held ownership … Continue reading

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Bond Hearings in Florida Explained

What factors will the court consider in setting my bond amount? If you have been arrested for a misdemeanor or felony offense in Florida, one of your first concerns will likely be arranging for your release from prison.  Within 24 … Continue reading

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In a brand-new opinion, Ruiz v. Tenet Hialeah Healthsystem, Inc., et al., the Supreme Court of Florida reinforced that the concept of causation in medical malpractice is broad and should be left to a jury. The fact pattern in Ruiz … Continue reading

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