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Florida Doctor Cleared of Drugged Driving Stemming from Neuropathy-Induced Confusion

A Florida doctor accused of driving under the influence of drugs last year recently had the charge dropped. It turns out he was driving erratically because he’d become disoriented as a result of a medical condition, not because he was … Continue reading

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But Who’s Paying for the Braces? Children’s Orthodontic Expenses in Florida Divorce Litigation

Divorce can happen to parents with children of all ages. If your children are quite young, your focus when it comes to parental responsibility issues, beyond the basics of custody, timesharing and child support, may focus on immediate concerns like … Continue reading

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Florida Court Finds Virtual Currency Subject to Money Service Businesses Law

On January 30, 2019, a Florida appellate court reversed the trial court’s dismissal of State v. Espinoza, instead holding that a Bitcoin business was both a money transmitter and a payment instrument seller, subject to Florida’s statutes governing money services … Continue reading

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Florida Truck Accident Statistics

NHTSA released traffic safety facts for 2017. The key findings:In 2017 there were 4,761 people killed in crashes involving large trucks, a 9-percent increase from 2016.Seventy-two percent of people killed in large-truck crashes in 2017 were occupants of other vehicles.Seventy-eight … Continue reading

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Avoiding Florida Probate Court Means Paying Attention to Pesky Beneficiary Forms

Not every estate of every decedent in Florida is going to wind up in probate court. As Fort Lauderdale probate attorneys can explain, it’s only when an estate gets somehow “stuck” in the process that administration through probate becomes necessary. … Continue reading

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