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Pacific Dawn Crew Member Sentenced to Over Five Years in Jail for Rape

A crew member from Vanuatu was sentenced to five years and eight months in jail on Tuesday after he was found guilty two months ago of raping a co-employee during their employment for P&O Cruises’ Pacific Dawn. A court in Vanuatu … Continue reading

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Five People Killed After Vehicle Crash in Fort Pierce

Fort Pierce, FL – According to the Florida Highway Patrol, five individuals were killed in an accident that took place in Fort Pierce.   The crash is currently being investigated by law enforcement.   The accident took place on south … Continue reading

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How Bad Will Things Become? Part Five: The Five Supreme Court Reactionaries Defund the Government

by Neil H. BuchananAs I write this column, the Senate Judiciary Committee's emergency Kavanaugh hearing is either ongoing or is about to begin.  Although that hearing will certainly be important and could even change the course of history, it will … Continue reading

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Five students on how they faced their biggest challenges in law school

Unless you’re incredibly lucky, you’re going to face challenges and burdens during law school, along with unforeseeable circumstances, that will test your ability to succeed. Nobody can tell you the best way to handle stress because what works is unique … Continue reading

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Five questions companies should be asking employees

Here are five questions that a company, either through its managers or human resources department should be asking its employees on a routine basis: 1. Are you aware of the company’s open-door policy? If the employee is not aware of … Continue reading

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