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This Just In: First Year Law School Success

First Year Law School Success: The Ultimate and Essential Guide for Every 1L, now in its 4th edition is what it claims to be.  Topics covered are reading and briefing cases efficiently and effectively, good note taking, creating dynamic course … Continue reading

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Long time, First time

I've been in this business for almost 4 decades, and pretty sure just sold my first Juvenile SPWL plan.And so…?Well, SPWL stands for Single Premium Whole Life, and it's a way to (inexpensively) pre-pay a life insurance plan. Now, it's … Continue reading

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The Supreme Court Agrees to Consider Whether the First Amendment Protects Offensive Trademarks, Again

The Supreme Court recently granted certiorari (in Iancu v. Brunetti) to decide whether the statutory prohibition on federal registration of a so-called “scandalous” trademark — in this instance, “FUCT” — conflicts with the First Amendment guarantee of free speech.  At … Continue reading

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First Steps to Writing Your Research Paper

SSRN blog: “Expectations for page and word count aside, the more complex your paper is the more daunting the thought of starting it can be. If you are a career researcher you may have been studying the outcome of your thesis … Continue reading

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Black History Month: Moses Leonard Frazier, NYLS First African American Graduate

Moses Leonard Frazier, Class of 1899, is believed to have been NYLS First African American Graduate.  In the early days of NYLS, students enrolled by signing a student registration ledger and writing certain basic information about themselves, e.g., their age … Continue reading

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