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NewPage Corp. Creditors' Committee Appointed, First Monthly Operating Report Filed

On Thursday, NewPage Corporation filed its first monthly operating report with the Delaware bankruptcy court and, separately, the United States Trustee filed a notice identifying the members of the Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors appointed in the chapter 11 bankruptcy … Continue reading

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Rojadirecta seeks refuge in First Amendment

Puerto 80 Projects has filed its opening brief in its appeal of the Southern District Court of New York's denial of its petition to release its Rojadirecta domain names – which had been seized by ICE as property used to … Continue reading

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The War on Terror, 'Material Support,' and the First Amendment

By Justin Silverman The U.S. Department of State maintains a list of organizations it believes engage in terrorist activity, and under federal law it is illegal to provide material support to them. The intent is to stifle any assistance given … Continue reading

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Employees Have the Advantage At Trial in Getting to Speak First and Last

In jury selection of an employment discrimination case, the employer addresses the potential jury pool after it has already heard from the employee's lawyer. When the employee's lawyer has done an effective voir dire (i.e., jury selection), the employer might … Continue reading

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FAA Rules for Which Project Comes First

The FAA has published a draft Sequencing Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for public comment. This is a very important document for the industry and the industry needs to offer their comments. Read more detail on Recent Aviation Law Posts – … Continue reading

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