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FINRA and SEC Launch Inquiries of Brokerage Firms that Sold GPB Capital Funds

The smoke emanating from the GPB Funds continues to build. As detailed in our post from November, the 1.8 billion-dollar GPB Capital Funds have been raising eyebrows for a few months now. Back in September, Massachusetts Secretary of State William … Continue reading

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What impact do government grants have on small tech firms?

Most academic writing on direct government spending as an innovation policy tool focuses on how this mechanism compares with other policies rather than on the policy choices within the "direct spending" box. For example, in Beyond the Patents–Prizes Debate, Daniel … Continue reading

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Chicago LMA Presents Law Firm Marketing Awards to 7 Law Firms

The Chicago chapter of the Legal Marketing Association presented a dozen "Your Honor" awards for excellence in marketing at a ceremony in a classy Loop restaurant recently.  Law firms were honored with an achievement award in the following categories: Advertising … Continue reading

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The Value of Patent Applications in Valuing Firms

It's an age-old question that we've blogged about here before – what role do patents have on firm value? And is any effect due to signaling or exclusivity? Does the disclosure in the patent have any value? Does anybody read … Continue reading

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If Law Firms Could Make One Change to Improve Client Value

Improve client value with one change – what would you choose? The answers are endless, but many Twitter survey respondents had interesting ideas that may be useful to your law department. Reducing client stress is one not to be forgotten. … Continue reading

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