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Mostly Incapacitated Patient Can Fire Healthcare Agent

The California Court of Appeals has correctly ruled that capacity is decision specific. Even a largely incapacitated patient may still have the capacity to name and fire surrogates. Earlier this month, the appellate court upheld a trial court ruling dismissing … Continue reading

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Casino Boat Shuttle in Port Richey, FL Catches Fire, 1 Passenger Dead, Many Injured

Multiple news outlets have reported a fire that broke out on a casino boat shuttle off the coast of Port Richey, Florida. A large engine fire engulfed the vessel causing all passengers and crew members too jump overboard into chilly … Continue reading

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Former Homeland Security Secretaries Fire Off Powerful Letter Warning Congress over DACA deadline

As Congress begins negotiations to enact legislation that would give young undocumented immigrants known as ” Dreamers” the opportunity to continue to live and work in the United States, three former secretaries from the Department of Homeland Security have come … Continue reading

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How Can I Prevent a House Fire During the Winter?

A recent apartment fire in the Bronx killed 12 people, including four children. According to New York City officials, a 3-year-old boy started the fire by playing with burners on the kitchen stove. Officials said it was New York City’s … Continue reading

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Redbox Download Code Sales Draw Disney Fire

In November of last year, a division of Walt Disney Company brought a lawsuit against Redbox. The Mouse now has kicked it up a notch by moving for a preliminary injunction. One of the ways in which Disney markets its … Continue reading

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