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9 Places to find data on the environment

Data Drive Journalism: “What is the best way of reporting on data related to the environment? Where do you find the data in the first place? How do you make it relatable to the public and which challenges do you … Continue reading

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M&A outlook 2018: find out more

Over the last 18 months there has been substantial global, geopolitical uncertainty, including the run-up to, and the eventual election of President Trump in the US presidential elections, the fall-out from the UK’s “Brexit” referendum, the elections across Europe and the … Continue reading

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Incredible Blackbeard discovery: Stunning find on buccaneer's ship reveals pirate reading habits | Fox News

“Although books like these voyage narratives would have been relatively common on ships of the early 18th century, archaeological evidence for them is exceedingly rare, and this find represents a glimpse into the reading habits of a pirate crew,” explained … Continue reading

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You Have To Already Be Good To Find A Mentor

When I first started training martial arts year ago I sucked. Like you don’t understand how bad I was. It was awful. I was not an athletic child. I spent most of my time reading books. Lord of the Rings? … Continue reading

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Studies Find Zoloft Dangerous for Pregnant Mothers

Did you know that a 2005 Danish study of 500,000 children found that Zoloft (Sertraline) significantly increased the risk of birth defects, including heart abnormalities. These findings were further confirmed by a study in the Archives of General Psychiatry that … Continue reading

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