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Litigants Have to Disclose Insurance, Does That Mean Litigation Financing Should be Disclosed, Too?

One of the hot topics in the litigation arena these day is the question of whether or not litigants should be obliged to disclose their litigation funding arrangements to opposing parties. Indeed, as discussed here, last month three U.S. senators … Continue reading

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SEC News – Fraud, Manipulation, and a Financing Scam

SEC Charges Three Former Healthcare Executives With FraudFraud charges have been announced against three former Constellation Healthcare Technologies Inc. executives who falsified financial and other information they provided to a private firm in the course of negotiating the private firm’s … Continue reading

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Examining the Role of Patents in Firm Financing

Just this morning, an interesting new literature review came to my mailbox via SSRN. In Is There a Role for Patents in the Financing of New Innovative Firms?, Bronwyn Hall (Berkeley economics) provides an extremely thorough, extremely helpful literature review … Continue reading

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One of the reasons people file bankruptcy cases is to preserve vehicle ownership. If the client has a car loan, a chapter 13 case in which the terms of the vehicle loan can be re-set to make the payment more affordable … Continue reading

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Sinking Fund Bond Financing Programs

Investors have been attracted to sinking funds to raise capital, increase cash flow and reduce financing costs. The article will present an overview of the sinking fund including the characteristics of a bond sinking fund and the general provisions of … Continue reading

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