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How Your Finances Change After Divorce

Along with other lifestyle changes, you can expect big financial changes after a divorce. Instead of maintaining one household, you and your ex now have separate households, accounts, and debts.  To make the best of this new situation, take control … Continue reading

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Is Your Spouse Wrecking Your Finances?

Here in the state of Illinois, divorce rates have steadily declined since the 1990’s. Still, hundreds of Illinoisans make the difficult decision to divorce from their spouse, every year. Nationwide, thousands of Americans get divorced on an annual basis. These … Continue reading

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Life After Bankruptcy: How to Regain Control of Your Finances

Life After Bankruptcy We know that filing for bankruptcy can be a stressful ordeal. And while you may feel relief after your case closes, the decisions you make in your life after bankruptcy are just as (if not more) important. … Continue reading

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Corporate Veil Pierced Where Owner was Sloppy with Finances

It is generally advisable for business owners to form a separate legal entity to limit personal liability stemming from business contracts or torts. Incorporating or organizing as an LLC can limit owners’ personal liability to the extent of their investments. … Continue reading

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The Carnival of twenty something finances is here!

Welcome to the February 25, 2008 edition of twenty something finances hosted by The Frugal Law Student. There were many great submissions for this edition, and I’d just like to thank all of the authors for their submissions. Editor’s Picks … Continue reading

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