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VMware GPL case is back in court—will we finally get some clarity on the meaning of "derivative work"?

One of the most active Linux kernel developers, Christoph Hellwig, backed by the Software Freedom Conservancy, (unsurprisingly perhaps) has struck again against a virtualisation giant—VMware. for breaching the GNU General Public Licence (GPL). More than two years after the Hamburg … Continue reading

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Speculating about impact on the opioid crisis as Ohio finally sees its first legal medical marijuana sale

Here is a silly trivia question: How did some people in Ohio celebrate the 100-year anniversary of the ratification of the alcohol prohibition amendment? Answer: By finally being able to purchase medical marijuana in the state legally. Remarkably, it has … Continue reading

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New CEQA SB 743 Transportation Guidelines Finally Finalized

It took five years, but California has finally ditched an outdated and counter-productive metric for evaluating transportation impacts under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). With the guidelines finalized on December 28th, a mere half-decade since the passage of SB … Continue reading

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National parks report on climate change finally released, uncensored

Reveal – Elizabeth Shogren: “Backing away from attempts at censorship, the National Park Service today released a report charting the risks to national parks from sea level rise and storms. Drafts of the report obtained earlier this year by Reveal … Continue reading

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Finally, A (Sort Of) Real Solution to Avoid TCPA Liability for Reassigned Numbers—Businesses that Make Calls or Send Texts Should Pay Attention

The problem – millions of phone numbers are reassigned each year and businesses have had no ironclad way to know whether a number had been reassigned.  These businesses can be subject to Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) liability for inadvertent … Continue reading

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