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Can You File a Car Accident Injury Claim without Vehicle Damage?

You were in a car accident, you know that you are telling the truth but your vehicle and the photographs from the accident state otherwise. You might have nothing more than a scratch or ding on your car, but your … Continue reading

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How Your Cruise Ship Ticket can Limit Your Right to File a Personal Injury Lawsuit

Are you planning to take a cruise in the near future? If so, make sure to carefully read the back of your ticket and any other documentation the cruise operator sends you. Much of this “fine print” can substantially affect … Continue reading

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Can I File a Bicycle Accident Claim If I Wasn’t Wearing a Helmet?

Most people have ridden a bicycle without a helmet at some point, and they probably weren’t too concerned about the added risk. Unfortunately, some learn the hard way that leaving their helmet at home can be a catastrophic mistake.   … Continue reading

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How Can Celebrities File Chapter 11 Bankruptcy?

Shawntae Harris better known as rap superstar Da Brat has filed Chapter 11 Bankruptcy this week. Another Famous Rapper 50 Cent also filed bankruptcy in May 2015. What do both of these celebrities have in common? 2 things actually: they … Continue reading

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Manafort Is Not Only One Charged With Failing to File an FBAR. Los Angeles Man Pleads Guilty to Not Reporting over $1 Million Held in Israeli Offshore Accounts.

The Justice Department just publicized this plea relating to FBAR at the same time that Paul Manafort has a jury deciding whether or not he willfully failed to file an FBAR. This may satisfy some pundits who claim that no … Continue reading

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