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Meet The Dreamers Caught in the DACA Fight | Waking Dream Ep. 1

Waking Dream, is done and Episode One just launched on a PBS YouTube channel! The link to Ep1 is HERE and the rest of the series will roll out every Tuesday for the next 5 weeks. Waking Dream shows us… … Continue reading

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Seafarers Use Tech to Fight Vibrio

Vibrio is a serious, often lethal bacteria. Naturally making its home in coastal and brackish waters where salt and river water mix, it can be an utter killjoy to beach-goers, fishermen, and seafood lovers trying to enjoy a summer meal. … Continue reading

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Sanctions on Iran – Fight for the survival of the JCPOA

As readers will be aware, following President Trump’s announcement on 8 May 2018, the USA has indicated its withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal – the JCPOA – and that it will be reimposing secondary sanctions on Iran, being those … Continue reading

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Digital Deceit II: A Policy Agenda to Fight Disinformation on the Internet

“Digital disinformation poses a grave threat to our democracy and demands a new social contract between consumers and internet companies that is rooted in transparency, privacy and competition, according to a new report co-published by the Shorenstein Center on Media, … Continue reading

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How Can I Ensure My Loved Ones Won’t Fight Over My Estate?

When the world lost Aretha Franklin on August 16, one of the more-surprising stories to make headlines was the fact that she did not have an estate plan. While many of the details of the administration of Franklin’s estate are … Continue reading

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