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52 Arrested for Felony Drunk Driving in Bexar County Last Month

52 people were arrested in Bexar County in February for charges related to felony drunk driving, marking an 18-percent increase form February 2017. 108 People Arrested on Intoxication Charges Since the New Year According to the San Antonio Express News, … Continue reading

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Atlanta Woman Charged In Fatal Felony DUI Case

In cases where a breathalyzer turns up inconclusive evidence of DUI – that is, if a suspect blows a 0.0% and a DUI is still suspected, police can obtain a blood sample. The blood sample is used to determine if … Continue reading

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Rethinking Capital Felony Murder

Guyora Binder, Brenner Fissell, & Robert Weisberg, Capital Punishment of Unintentional Felony Murder, 92 Notre Dame L. Rev. 1142 (2017). William W. Berry III Guyora Binder, Brenner Fissell, and Robert Weisberg combine to address a significant flaw in the application … Continue reading

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I write this post out of a sense of urgent concern. I recently observed an absolutely dismal bail hearing in a FELONY strangulation case presided over by a clueless judge and an uninformed prosecutor. (I will not mention the name … Continue reading

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Florida Criminal Law: What Are the Penalties for the Crime of a Third Degree Felony Burglary?

Burglary, in Florida, has many components due to the number of ways that a burglary can be committed. Burglary is not just the unlawful entry into someone's home, a store, or there car, but also the crime is charged in … Continue reading

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