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Sex Offenders Will Pay Government Fees Forever

Remember Obama Care, with a requirement that all American citizens be required to buy something? Is there anything in the constitution that requires a citizen pay for anything? Well, if you're a convicted sex offender, especially here in Orlando (where … Continue reading

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Mattaponi plaintiffs could get $600,000 in attorney fees for case against Corps, EPA

An environmental group and an Indian tribe have earned a nice payday thanks to a court ruling issued by U.S. District Judge Henry Kennedy. Kennedy adopted in substantial part Magistrate Judge John Facciola's report and recommendation that awarded attorney fees … Continue reading

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Car Rental Taxes and Fees Explode

Wow, can you imagine renting a car in Boston for only $57 a week during the peak of summer? That is the price that one price checking site found. Unfortunately, the actual price you pay is nowhere near $57 because … Continue reading

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Indiana Relaxes Prohibition on Performance-Based Fees for Hedge Funds Following Dodd-Frank Act

A "client" of a company that would be considered an investment company under Section 3(a) of the Investment Company Act of 1940, but for the exception to the "client" definition in Section 3(c)(1) of that Act, will be the limited … Continue reading

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Massachusetts Adds Performance-Based Fees and Investment Consulting Services to IA Unethical Practices and Increases BD/Agent Fees

Performance-based fee and investment consulting service provisions were added to the list of unethical practices for investment advisers; registration fees for broker-dealers and agents were increased, along with the name "FINRA" replacing NASD as the current name of the organization … Continue reading

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