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Bitcoin Is Worth the Cost in Fees and Electricity

Saturday set a new record for cost per transaction, according to this chart at blockchain.info. For the first time ever, that value broke $100, clocking in at $103. Fees are also rising. The relevant chart at bitinfocharts.com shows a median … Continue reading

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Legal marketing positioning tips

In legal marketing you need to know is very few people have the time, energy and perseverance to “shop” very much for a lawyer. These prospects will use price as a quick way to decide if someone is competent. In … Continue reading

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Cheap Lawyer Fees

One of the biggest misunderstanding between lawyers and clients is the matter of the fee. You want a lawyer who knows the subject matter of your legal problem inside and out, charges fairly, treats you with respect, and good communicate. … Continue reading

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Typical audit fees during 2009 were approximately one-tenth of total legal fees

The NY Times, Oct. 28, 2011 at B2, reports that in 2009 audit fees averaged $569,000 per billion dollars of revenue. For U.S. companies that year, what they spent on their law department and outside counsel averaged something like $5… … Continue reading

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In Virginia, the prevailing party in an action is not entitled to recover attorneys' fees absent fraud, a specific statutory authority granting attorneys' fees, or a contractual provision providing for such an award. This is the "American Plan," every party … Continue reading

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