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CRS on the federal government’s obligation to include countervailing information in FISA applications

From the CRS Legal Sidebar, HPSCI Memorandum Sparks Debate over FISA Application Requirements (February 14, 2018 LSB10076): A central factual question that appears to be disputed by the competing memoranda [the declassifed Nunes memo and the still classified Schiff memo] … Continue reading

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Mixed messages from US District Judge hearing legal challenge to federal marijuana prohibition

In this post earlier this week, I noted today's scheduled hearing in federal court concerning a lawsuit challenging marijuana's placement on Schedule 1 under the Controlled Substances Act and asked "Could a high-profile lawsuit help end federal marijuana prohibition?". This … Continue reading

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Federal Officials to Pay $42 Million to Family of Child Injured in Forceps Delivery

 The federal government has agreed to pay $42 million to the parents of a young Pennsylvania boy who was left disabled from birth injuries caused by the use of forceps at the time of his delivery. According to an Associated … Continue reading

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Should there be (and will there be) an appeal of federal judge's imposition of "shorter sentence because … of [defendant's] decision to be sterilized"?

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In what may be the first "gig economy" case to be fully decided on the merits a California federal court finds that an independent contractor is not an employee [ Lawson v Grubhub Inc. Case No.15-cv-05128-JSC ]

The case involved Grubhub in a labor lawsuit filed by one of its former drivers (plaintiff Lawson) In a long and detailed court opinion released February 8, 2018 by US Magistrate Judge Jacqueline Scott Corley, who ruled: "the Court [found] … Continue reading

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