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Financial Lessons From Furloughed Federal Workers

The plight of workers going without pay because of the government shut down looms over our news. If our incomes haven’t been affected, it’s easy to see this as someone else’s problem. But are the rest of us really immune … Continue reading

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Case 'o The Week: Congress takes the First Step, Ninth takes the Second — Valencia-Mendoza and use of state priors as federal sentencing enhancements

The federal government of the United States just entered its longest shutdown in history.Federal courts will run out of money next week.Public defenders will soon join their CJA comrades and will be expected to mount vigorous, constitutionally-mandated defenses for our … Continue reading

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The Federal Government Offers a Case Study in Bad Email Tracking

EFF: “The U.S. government sends a lot of emails. Like any large, modern organization, it wants to “optimize” for “user engagement” using “analytics” and “big data.” In practice, that means tracking the people it communicates with—secretly, thoroughly, and often, insecurely. … Continue reading

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Updates on the new Chinese “Federal Circuit”

Updates on the new Chinese “Federal Circuit” by Erick Robinson. (via China Patent Blog) I wanted to expand here on the article I recently published at CGTN. In that article, I pointed out that as of January 1, 2019, the Supreme … Continue reading

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US Federal and State legislators propose exempting certain digital tokens from securities laws

On January 4, 2019, two Colorado senators introduced the “Colorado Digital Token Act,” a bill seeking to exempt digital tokens and cryptocurrencies from certain Colorado state securities laws. In filing the Colorado Digital Token Act, the senators proposed that digital … Continue reading

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