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Symposium: The Federal Arbitration Act and the National Labor Relations Act are two ships that pass in the night

Ben Robbins is senior staff attorney for the New England Legal Foundation.  He filed an amicus brief for NELF in support of the employers in the consolidated cases in Epic Systems Corp. v. Lewis. Although the Supreme Court’s decision today … Continue reading

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Debtors Lose? Third Circuit Rejects “Discovery Rule,” Restricts Period to Assert Federal Debt Collection Actions in Break With Fourth and Ninth Circuits

In an en banc decision issued last Tuesday, the Third Circuit held that civil actions alleging violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) must be filed within one year from the date of the violation’s occurrence – and … Continue reading

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Digital Resurrections Necessitate Federal Post-Mortem Publicity Rights

Digital Resurrections Necessitate Federal Post-Mortem Publicity RightsMeaghan FonteinIn the 1966 horror film Island of Terror, actor Peter Cushing’s character faced a predicament of dealing with computer-borne life forms resembling virtual humans. Fast-forward: 22 years after his death and 50 years … Continue reading

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US Attorney for Oregon issues detail memorandum to detail federal marijuana enforcement priorities in the state

As reported in this new pres article, there is interesting news out of Oregon concerning federal marijuana enforcement. Here are the details (with my emphasis added): Federal prosecutors will target the illicit marijuana market, organized crime, outlaw grows and operations … Continue reading

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Faruki+ Client Disputes Federal Fraud Allegations

Defense efforts are under way in response to the fraud investigation launched recently against one Findlay Market vendor.  The links below, to current articles, provide details of the alleged fraud. Busch Lawyer:  Findlay Store Owners Didn’t Commit $3.4M Fraud – … Continue reading

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