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Jahi McMath Dismisses Her Federal Lawsuit

The family of Jahi McMath dismissed their state medical malpractice lawsuit in September 2018.After Jahi's death on circulatory criteria, the value of the case dropped to within settlement range. But the family had continued their federal lawsuit against the State of … Continue reading

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Validity of a Supplementary Protection Certificate. Testing the boundaries in a new ruling by the Swiss Tribunal Federal

The two plaintiffs are Genzyme Corporation (holder of  supplementary protection certificate No C00716606/01), and  its  licensee, Sanofi-Aventis (holder of the authorizations for the products Renagel and Renvela). The defendant, Salmon Pharma, commercializes a generic version  of the product “Renvela”, which … Continue reading

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The Federal Circuit is Shirking Its Constitutional Duty to Provide Certainty for Critical Innovation

Here we go again! Another patent whose claims have been invalidated at the Federal Circuit—predictably, another medical diagnostic patent. Athena Diagnostics v. Mayo Collaborative (Fed. Cir. Feb. 6, 2019). This is getting old, tired and fundamentally ridiculous. The statute, which … Continue reading

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Federal Court: U-Iowa Discriminated Against Christian Student Groups

On Wednesday, a federal court ruled that the University of Iowa had illegally targeted religious groups for requiring their leaders to follow their faith. As such, Business Leaders in Christ (BLC), a Christian student group on the University of Iowa’s … Continue reading

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