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How Fatigue Affects Construction Workers

According to OSHA, worker fatigue increases a workers risk for illnesses and work related injuries. Construction workers have one of the most dangerous jobs. One of the contributing factors of this is fatigue. Fatigue can affect motor skills, distracts workers, … Continue reading

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Driver Fatigue and Serious Trucking Accidents

Driving a commercial truck is a skill that is attained through proper training and experience. The size and delayed responsiveness, compared to the average passenger vehicle, make operating these trucks an endeavor that creates a heightened chance of a serious … Continue reading

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Lawyers, foreclosure fatigue and the dreaded FREE HOUSE

Just a few years ago, representing homeowners at risk of foreclosure was a tiny niche in the practice of law, and when I say "tiny," I mean tiny as to be practically nonexistent. Sure, there were a few lawyers out … Continue reading

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NTSB Rejects Fatigue As A Defense For Violations Of Federal Aviation Regulations

In a recent FAA enforcement action, Administrator v. Kooistra, the FAA alleged the airman committed a number of operational errors in violation of FARs 91.9(a) (requiring compliance with an aircraft's operating limitations), 91.13(a) (careless and reckless), 91.117(a) (prohibiting operation of … Continue reading

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Fatigue to blame for ship’s reef grounding

Fatigue to blame for ship’s reef grounding The final investigation into the grounding of a Chinese coal carrier on the Great Barrier Reef last year has found fatigue was a major factor in causing the accident. Read more on Australian … Continue reading

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