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Driver Fatigue and Serious Trucking Accidents

Driving a commercial truck is a skill that is attained through proper training and experience. The size and delayed responsiveness, compared to the average passenger vehicle, make operating these trucks an endeavor that creates a heightened chance of a serious … Continue reading

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Lawyers, foreclosure fatigue and the dreaded FREE HOUSE

Just a few years ago, representing homeowners at risk of foreclosure was a tiny niche in the practice of law, and when I say "tiny," I mean tiny as to be practically nonexistent. Sure, there were a few lawyers out … Continue reading

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NTSB Rejects Fatigue As A Defense For Violations Of Federal Aviation Regulations

In a recent FAA enforcement action, Administrator v. Kooistra, the FAA alleged the airman committed a number of operational errors in violation of FARs 91.9(a) (requiring compliance with an aircraft's operating limitations), 91.13(a) (careless and reckless), 91.117(a) (prohibiting operation of … Continue reading

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Fatigue to blame for ship’s reef grounding

Fatigue to blame for ship’s reef grounding The final investigation into the grounding of a Chinese coal carrier on the Great Barrier Reef last year has found fatigue was a major factor in causing the accident. Read more on Australian … Continue reading

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