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Famous trademark: complementarity between products and services relevant to likelihood of confusion (France – Cour de cassation)

Emmanuel LarereCour de cassation, Chambre commerciale, March 27, 2019, Appeal No. T 17-28.213 The French Supreme Court (Cour de cassation) overturned the judgment of the Paris Court of appeals (here) which had denied similarity between goods and services on the … Continue reading

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Famous people who went to law school

There are many people who go to law school but don't practice law.  A law degree can train you to think critically and can open up doors that you may never have imagined.Sometimes it is fun to find out who … Continue reading

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The bursting, beautiful shelves of famous bibliophile

Washington Post – “Amid the decluttering craze, we asked José Andrés, Andrew Sean Greer and other famous book lovers for the stories behind their collections.” Read more detail on Recent Legal Marketing posts –

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Protection Of Foreign Famous Marks In NY

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15 Famous People Who Injured Others in Alcohol-Related Accidents

While we often hold celebrities in high regard, in reality, they are everyday individuals like all of us. However, in some cases, their fame and unusual lifestyle create unique challenges that can result in making bad decisions that harm or … Continue reading

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