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Family Attorneys of Northern Kentucky

Over the past couple of decades, we have been very pleased to see people become far more aware of the importance of having a will, a power of attorney, and a living will.  People used to act as if nothing … Continue reading

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Deducting Fringe Benefits for Family Members

Small business owners often look for ways to reduce their taxes.  With family businesses, these plans often involve employing the owner’s children.  This raises the question of whether a small business owner employ their children as independent contractors and deduct … Continue reading

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How the Tax Haven of Bermuda Played Key Role in £10 Billion Sackler Family Fortune

The Sackler's owned pharmaceutical companies Napp and Mundipharma may vehemently deny that avoided paying taxes in Europe and Australia by diverting profits to the tax haven of Bermuda, sources from within the business say otherwise. The company Napp produced pharmaceuticals… … Continue reading

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New by me on the Stowe Family Law Blog

Recent posts by me on the Stowe Family Law Blog:Research is interesting, but defended divorce is not the real problem – The Nuffield Foundation's research into why defended divorce occurs, and how cases are dealt with by the courts.Lessons on … Continue reading

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Suboxone Practice: Family Practice and General Physicians Need to be Vigilant in Treating Patients. Case Study: Five Physicians Charged with Unlawfully Prescribing and Distributing Buprenorphine

With all the emphasis on treatment for those who have opioid dependency or addiction issues, more physicians are becoming prescribers of buprenorphine (known as Subutex and Suboxone). This is an area where providers should be careful especially if they are not addiction specialists. There … Continue reading

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