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Military Families Have More Options When Planning for a Child with Special Needs

Military families who have kids with special needs have historically faced a number of difficulties when planning for their future financial stability.   Previously, military families faced the challenge of being unable to assign survivor benefits to their child with special … Continue reading

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Caring for Seriously Injured Victims: What Families Need to Know

A serious injury doesn’t just change the victim’s life. Suddenly, their friends and family face extreme uncertainty and tough decisions, all while coping with their own grief.  If you’re facing this situation, you need all the help you can get. In this article, we’ll discuss some practical tips and strategies that can make caring for an injured person seem less overwhelming … Continue reading

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The Massachusetts Legislature Should Update the Law on Evidentiary Privilege—to Protect Families

In addition to the many other changes contained in the criminal justice bills that have recently passed the Massachusetts House and Senate, criminal justice reform in the Commonwealth could include one additional significant change in the laws of evidence. The … Continue reading

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NWLC Hosts Webinar Today on Economic Stimulus Payments: What Families Need to Know

The National Womens Law Center hosts a free webinar today on Economic Stimulus Payments: What Families Need to Know: The National Women’s Law Center is hosting a free webinar to give service providers and advocates the information they need on… … Continue reading

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American families becoming bigger through divorce

Divorce is not the end of a person’s love life. Remarriage and cohabitation with a romantic partner happens frequently after the dissolution of a marriage. This has led to an increase in the average family size. According to a recent … Continue reading

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