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Marda & Milan on Multistakeholder Perspectives on the Fake News Debate

Vidushi Marda (Article 19: Global Campaign for Free Expression) & Stefania Milan (University of Amsterdam) have posted Wisdom of the Crowd: Multistakeholder Perspectives on the Fake News Debate on SSRN.  Here is the abstract: Social media platforms are increasingly accused of shaping public … Continue reading

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Fake News

The Oregon Supreme Court rejected a split trial panel decision favoring disbarment and imposed a public reprimand for a rule 4 .3 violation. After hearing evidence and argument on the two matters, the trial panel issued a divided decision. A… … Continue reading

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“Fake News” Offers Latin American Consolidated Powers An Opportunity to Censor Opponents

Today’s headlines are dominated by the role of misinformation campaigns or “fake news” in undermining democracy in the West. From ongoing accusations of Russian meddling in Trump’s election to Russian efforts to sway the Brexit and French Presidential election votes, … Continue reading

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Fake Charities Garner Fifth Spot on IRS “Dirty Dozen” for 2018

The Internal Revenue Service today warned taxpayers against scam groups masquerading as charitable organizations, luring people to make donations to groups or causes that don’t actually qualify for a tax deduction. These phony charities, which attempt to attract donations from … Continue reading

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Nervous about your 1L oral argument? Ditch the ‘fake it till you make it’ mantras and just do you

So, you recovered from your 1L fall semester, binge-watched Netflix over Winter Break, processed your first semester grades, and returned to school in January somewhat refreshed and ready to tackle a new semester of classes. You eased into your legal … Continue reading

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