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Georgia Court Discusses Plaintiff’s Potential Failure to Comply with Terms of Insurance Contract

Earlier this month, a state appellate court issued an opinion in a Georgia car accident case involving a dispute between the plaintiff and an insurance company. The question the court was tasked with answering was whether the plaintiff adequately complied … Continue reading

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$1.83 Million Jury Verdict for Failure to Prevent, Treat Pressure Sores at Nursing Home

Morley Sprague suffered from end-stage multiple sclerosis and had a history of urinary tract infection (UTI) and degenerative joint disease. After a hospitalization for treatment of sepsis and a UTI, he was admitted to the North Canyon Care Center, a … Continue reading

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Fishmonger Sentenced: Criminal Tax Evasion Charges Result from Failure to Report $75,000 in Income

Taxpayers and their accountants sometimes believe that tax evasion, especially criminal tax evasion is reserved for “the big guys”. While the IRS likes to go after the big fish, even the minnows can get caught in the net. Take the … Continue reading

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FINRA Bars Broker Kenneth Stewart Tyrell For Failure To Disclose Outside Business Dealings

On 12/8/2017, FINRA permanently barred former registered broker Kenneth Stewart Tyrell (CRD #2457452) from acting as a broker or having any affiliation with a broker-dealer firm. Tyrell was both a previously registered broker and a previously registered investment advisor. His … Continue reading

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How Carnival's Failure to Install a Man Overboard System Doomed Passenger and Wasted U.S. Coast Guard Resources

In a press release, the the U.S. Coast Guard announced that it suspended its search and rescue efforts for a passenger who went overboard from the Carnival Paradise on May 22, 2018. The Coast Guard stated that it ended its search … Continue reading

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