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The Need For Facts In Immigration Policymaking

Ming H. Chen, Leveraging Social Science Expertise in Immigration Policymaking, 112 Northwestern L. Rev. Online (forthcoming 2018), available at SSRN. Angela Banks In President Donald J. Trump’s first State of the Union address he framed immigrants as dangerous criminals—gang members … Continue reading

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Does The Broker Get Paid? Efficient Producing Cause And The Facts

PrintLast week, we set the background for understanding what it means for a broker to be the “efficient producing cause” behind a lease or sale. The background was in the form of a story from a 2012 unpublished New Jersey … Continue reading

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Get the facts  before you complete your APD5.

The best advice you can receive if you want to be an NYPD officer is to get your Certificates of Disposition from any arrests or summonses you may have received and your Lifetime Abstract from New York State Department of … Continue reading

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In Praise of Using Facts

image from Critical MerchandiseWe in the library biz tend to like the idea of seeking out reliable sources and basing decisions on what we find. But we aren't the only ones.You can even find T-shirts to show your support, with … Continue reading

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The facts behind Trump’s ‘Spygate’ conspiracy

On Thursday, the DOJ briefed congressional leaders and White House staffers on classified information about the FBI’s use of a confidential informant who met with Trump aides. The BBC reports the facts behind Trump’s conspiracy. — Joe Read more detail … Continue reading

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