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Facebook vs. StressBook: Verwechslungsgefahr wegen Markenbestandteil «book»

Aufgrund einer Beschwerde von Facebook muss das Startup StressBook AG für seine Wortmarke StressBook (Markennummer 663952) auf den Markenschutz unter anderem für Software verzichten: Facebook war mit einer Beschwerde vor dem Bundesverwaltungsgericht teilweise erfolgreich. In der Folge hat StressBook bereits … Continue reading

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Comment se protéger facilement de la curiosité de Facebook, Google, Amazon et Microsoft etc.

Nous autres parents reprochons souvent à nos ados le temps qu'ils passent sur leurs écrans. Mais avons-nous conscience du temps que nous, nous y passons ? Nous avons tous regardé un jour autour de nous dans le métro en allant … Continue reading

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Second Circuit: Professional Services Exclusion Precludes D&O Coverage for NASDAQ’s Facebook IPO Claims

A recurring D&O insurance issue is the question of whether or not coverage for a particular claim is precluded under the relevant policy’s professional services exclusion. A recent decision by the Second Circuit addressed questions concerning the applicability of a … Continue reading

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Facebook – Hard Questions: Social Media and Democracy

Facebook Blog Series: “For the next topic of our Hard Questions series, we decided to confront an issue that has been top of mind for many of us here, including myself: What effect does social media have on democracy? As … Continue reading

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Simple equipment for Facebook Live interviews

A business collegue emailed Friday asking what equipment I used for the Facebook Live interviews I’ve been doing at legal and tech conferences over the last year plus. Video, and Facebook Live in particular, is perfect for a blogger. Publishers … Continue reading

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