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Florida Physician and Ex-Wife Indicted in Health Care Fraud Conspiracy For Alleged False Claims to Medicare and Blue Cross Blue Shield for Allegedly Using False Diagnoses of Rosacea, Acne, and Actinic Keratosis to Perform Chemical Peels, Dermabrasions, and Acne Surgery

The world of private insurance billing has changed in that federal and state authorities will be brought in for claims of insurance fraud. In the old days, if a claim was denied it was denied. If it was approved, that … Continue reading

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Why a Maryland Husband Still Owed Alimony Even After Proving that His Ex-Wife Was Living With Her Romantic Partner

When you are negotiating a separation agreement, it is important to “sweat the small stuff,” or more advisably, retain an experienced Maryland divorce attorney to “sweat the small stuff” for you. Each detail in your agreement is binding, and small … Continue reading

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SEC Busts Insider Trading With Help of Ex-Wife

Karen and David Zilkha's marriage ended in messy divorce proceedings that included spousal abuse, restraining orders, an ongoing battle over their nine-year old twins and a SEC investigation. Their marriage began in 1998 in Washington State where Mr. Zilkha worked … Continue reading

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Former Husband Allegedly Murders Ex-Wife, Her Divorce Attorney and Several Others Before Committing Suicide

Arizona Wife obtains domestic violence restraining order of protection against Husband. Wife divorces Husband, who is now seventy-three years old, in 2008. Husband and Wife's divorce is reportedly contentious. Three years later, Husband allegedly murders Wife, Wife's attorney and several … Continue reading

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Find Out if Your Man has Declared Bankruptcy or Beat his Ex-Wife

Elizabeth Warren reports in her Talking Points Memo blog that corporate America equates bankruptcy with moral failings such as domestic violence. A recent advertisement from Intelius offers the opportunity to find out whether your potential mate has been arrested for … Continue reading

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