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The Good, Bad, and Ugly of the Tax Extenders

As write this it’s February 21st. About ten days ago Congress, in its unending wisdom, decided to extend certain “Tax Extenders” that they had let expire at the end of 2017. Yes, the undead have risen again! As soon as … Continue reading

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If You’ve Already Filed, Here’s What You Need To Do About Those Tax Extenders

1040 On Friday, Congress reached a budget deal (there was a brief shutdown, in theory, overnight, but nothing along these lines). Tucked away in the bill, as reported by Forbes’ Ashlea Ebeling were “surprise tax breaks on homeowners, students and … Continue reading

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Senate Extenders Legislation Contains Carried Interest Provision with Impact Beyond Hedge Fund Managers

Provisions in a Senate version of tax extenders legislation would expand the taxation of carried interest far beyond hedge fund managers, said the ABA Section on Taxation in a letter to Congress, and significantly alter fundamental aspects of partnership taxation. … Continue reading

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