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Mitigation Requirement After Termination Further Explained by Ontario’s Highest Court

  Typically, when an employee makes a claim for common law wrongful dismissal damages, he or she is required to make reasonable efforts to mitigate their damages. Mitigation often requires the employee to try and attain another job in the … Continue reading

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The Four Different Styles of Parenting Explained

Parenting has evolved over time, especially with the integration of technology into most aspects of life. Rather than going outside to play with their friends, many children play video games together. Puzzles and painting are sometimes done digitally instead of … Continue reading

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Illinois Shareholder Meetings for Corporations Explained

In this Learn About Law article we explain the types of shareholder meetings in Illinois and discuss what's required under Illinois law. Read more detail on Recent Family Law posts –

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The Boeing 737 Max 8 Controversy Explained

The Boeing 737 The Boeing 737 was originally intended for short haul flights to short runways.  One of the 737’s unique design features was that the engines were mounted on the underside of the wing, instead of in front of … Continue reading

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