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Scientists Return to Court to Explain Roundup Cancer Link

Share This Item April 6, 2018 – San Francisco, California – Dr. Beate Ritz and Dr. Christopher Portier, two experts testifying on behalf of the plaintiffs in the Monsanto Roundup litigation, were called back to court this week to defend their assessments that … Continue reading

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Can mapping conflict data explain, predict and prevent violence? – BBC News

That night he wrote an algorithm on his laptop that connected the locations of cities and towns, and mapped them against data about conflict sourced from The Global Terrorism Database and The Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO)."The results were amazing," … Continue reading

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A better way to explain the introduction of credits against states' income taxes to serve charitable objectives

There has been a whole lot of talk recently (from me as well as others) concerning how state and local governments should respond to the drastic curtailment of federal income tax deductibility for state and local income and property taxes.One … Continue reading

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Should Justice Ginsburg at least explain why she does not recuse herself in the travel ban case?

Lawprof Ronald Rotunda — in a WaPo op-ed — says that she should.We already know what Ginsburg thinks of the president. She told us more than a year ago that she “can’t imagine what the country would be . . . with … Continue reading

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European Directors Confederation Endorses Comply or Explain Approach to Corporate Governance in Comments on Green Paper

Joining a growing consensus on the efficacy of the comply or explain doctrine, the European Confederation of Directors' Associations urged the European Commission to retain the comply or explain approach to corporate governance as it begins a consultation on an … Continue reading

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