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Making Sure that Your Medical Expert is Allowed to Testify in Your Pennsylvania Injury Case

In any personal injury action, there are certain elements of the case that can have a major impact on the outcome. One of these is providing the court with authoritative and persuasive expert witness testimony that supports the arguments you’ve … Continue reading

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Should You Use Voir Dire With Opponent’s Expert?

After opposing counsel attempts to qualify an expert witness, you can ask the court to let you conduct voir dire on the expert. But just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. Although the term “voir dire” is generally associated … Continue reading

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Expert says Brain Chemicals Cause Distracted Driving

Most of us have found ourselves distracted or become the victim of a driver on a cell phone over the last few years. Despite all of the publicity about the hazards of driving distracted, millions of drivers still take the … Continue reading

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State Supreme Court Reverses State Appellate Court in Assisted Living Case with Multiple Expert Reports

The Texas Supreme Court has held that a plaintiff satisfied the requirements of the state’s Medical Liability Act. The plaintiff offered multiple expert reports in a case alleging that an assisted living facility and other medical providers chose not to … Continue reading

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Trump Administration Backs Up Ban on Transgender People Serving in the Military With “Expert” Study

The Trump administration released two documents on Friday outlining a White House ban on transgender people serving in the military. Advocates for the LGBTQ community have reportedly called the new measure more discriminatory than ‘don’t ask, don’t tell.’ But, as … Continue reading

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