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But Who’s Paying for the Braces? Children’s Orthodontic Expenses in Florida Divorce Litigation

Divorce can happen to parents with children of all ages. If your children are quite young, your focus when it comes to parental responsibility issues, beyond the basics of custody, timesharing and child support, may focus on immediate concerns like … Continue reading

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How much money does it cost you for to pay for your regular living expenses?

Whether you are trying to improve your credit score or contemplating filing for bankruptcy, you must get a handle on your monthly budget. What is your total “net” monthly income including other benefit amounts? How much money does it cost … Continue reading

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New York State pays drug treatment center nearly $4 million for ineligible expenses

New York State pays drug treatment center nearly $4 million for ineligible expenses Source: Office of the State ComptrollerA national drug and alcohol treatment provider was able to collect $3.9 million in ineligible payments due to the processing of invalid claims … Continue reading

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Illinois Child Support and Additional Expenses: Child Care, School, Extracurricular, and Medical Expenses

In this article we will explain how additional expenses are handled in Illinois child support cases. These include medical expenses and child care expenses. Read more detail on Recent Family Law posts –

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Jeffrey P. Gale, P.A. // Carrier’s Obligation to Pay Medical Expenses Despite Drug/Alcohol Impairment Defense

Under Florida law, if a workplace injury was occasioned primarily by the influence of alcohol or drugs, workers’ compensation benefits can be denied. Section 440.09(3), Florida Statutes (2018) (Interestingly, while this section provides that “Compensation is not payable,” with section … Continue reading

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