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What to Expect for Attorney Billing

    Family law cases can be daunting especially if it’s your face time to face it and you are not armed with enough information. You will surely have a ton of questions to ask. One of these questions will … Continue reading

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Indiana’s Divorce Process: What Can You Expect Once You or Your Spouse Files for Divorce?

When getting divorced, understanding what you can expect at each step along the way can help the process go more smoothly. From the legal requirements to the practicalities of attempting to resolve differences with your soon-to-be-former spouse, going through a … Continue reading

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Aurora/CanniMed: Canadian securities regulators provide guidance on takeover bids in Canada – Expect to see more hard lock-ups and fewer tactical poison pills

The Ontario and Saskatchewan securities regulators (the Commissions) have released their reasons in connection with the unsolicited bid of Aurora for CanniMed (the Reasons). Below, members of our Special Situations team set out some of the key lessons of the … Continue reading

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What to Expect From Your Cincinnati Bankruptcy Attorney

Bankruptcy in Cincinnati Ohio allows you to do away with certain types of debt while keeping the property you want. Likewise, an Ohio Bankruptcy Attorney is a professional that can provide you with specific legal advice and a personal analysis … Continue reading

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What to Expect in Texas Divorce Court

The things that you have to expect in family law courts in Texas could be one of the things you are concerned about. If you have just filed for divorce or recently started a child custody case, you would surely … Continue reading

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