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Fourth District Holds City Violated CEQA By Refusing To Recognize Exemption For Single Family Residence Project And Attempting To Subject Owner’s Already Authorized And Completed Demolition Action To Retroactive Environmental Review (Yet Absolves City From Liability For Regulatory Taking)

In a published opinion filed September 18, 2018, the Fourth District Court of Appeal (Div. 1) affirmed a judgment granting a writ setting aside the City of San Diego’s (City) decision to subject a coastal development permit (CDP) application for … Continue reading

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The Transitory Nature of the Estate Tax Exemption Amount

With $11.18 million of cover under the unified credit under the 2017 tax act, more estates than ever are exempt from federal estate tax. This is especially so for married individuals, who have double this amount and the benefits of … Continue reading

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SEC proposes to clarify reporting exemption for single-issuer broker-dealers

By Lene Powell, J.D. The SEC proposed to amend a reporting rule to clarify an exemption for broker-dealers who act for a single issuer. Under the proposed amendment to Rule 17a-5(e), a broker-dealer would not be required to engage an … Continue reading

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Challenges To Pension Plan's ERISA Exemption Move On

Last year, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of three large health care systems whose employees had challenged whether their retirement plans qualified as exempt "church pans" under ERISA. (See prior posting.)  Now in one of the cases on … Continue reading

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Should Congress Reconsider the Tax Exemption of Pro Sports Organizations?

The Properly Reducing Overexemptions for Sports Act (S. 3086) (PRO Sports Act) is a bill to eliminate the nonprofit status for the league offices of professional sports organizations. Amending the tax code in this area would end a provision that … Continue reading

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