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Under LHWCA, Excusable Neglect Standard Applies to Late Filed Attorney Fee Petition

The Ninth Circuit has ruled that the excusable neglect standard applies to late filed attorney fee petitions under the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act (LHWCA), 33 U.S.C. §901, et seq. In Iopa v. Saltchuk-Young Brothers, No. 17-70415 (March 4, … Continue reading

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433. Inexcusable and excusable

From a suburb of Seattle with one of those early-settlers-wild-guess-at-Indian-word names comes this story: A King County District Court judge could be suspended for 90 days based on his conduct in an Issaquah courtroom. Judge [name withheld] was censured April … Continue reading

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The difference between excusable neglect and stupidity

On Above the Law, Christopher Danzig illustrates the difference between excusable neglect and a "bonehead mistake" in "How to Lose a Case With Simple Computer Cluelessness". For attorneys, missing deadlines is a big no-no. BIG no-no. A Goodyear blimp-sized no-no…. … Continue reading

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