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Exclusive First Look: Ravel Law’s Integration with Lexis Advance

Daniel Lewis was just in his second year at Stanford Law School when he had an idea for a different way to do legal research, as I recounted in this 2014 ABA Journal article. His idea was to display search … Continue reading

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Exclusive Possession of Marital Residence Revisited

I have previously written about exclusive possession of a marital residence during a pending divorce action.  The applicable standard requires a showing of a marital strife and that the parties were unable to coexist in the same house.  I recently had … Continue reading

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Exclusive forum provisions on the move

Although the collapse of the IPO market seems to have put an end to new adoptions of exclusive forum provisions in IPO charters, Davis Polk reports that several firms have begun trying to get exclusive forum charter amendment passed and… … Continue reading

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Violation of FAR 135.25(b) Requires Actual Operation While Air Carrier Did Not Have Exclusive Use Of At Least One Aircraft

In a recent civil penalty action, the FAA administrator actually reversed an administrative law judge's ("ALJ") assessment of civil penalty finding that the FAA had failed to prove its case. In The Matter of Helicopter Flite, Inc. the FAA alleged … Continue reading

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Exclusive dealing and compatibility of investments

Posted by D. Daniel Sokol Milliou Chrysovalantou (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid) has posted Exclusive dealing and compatibility of investments. ABSTRACT: We examine a final product manufacturer's incentives to engage in exclusive dealing with an input supplier when both market… … Continue reading

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