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What Is a 1031 Exchange and How Should It Be Handled?

The number “1031” refers to Section 1031 of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code. A 1031 exchange is a strategy, according to Realty Mogul, used by real estate investors to defer capital gains income taxes (or income tax losses). Normally sellers … Continue reading

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What Is An Allowable 1031 Exchange Closing Cost?

As we’ve seen first-hand, there are many tax issues which come up when contemplating a Section 1031 exchange. In the past, we’ve discussed state taxation vs. federal taxation, leasehold improvement exchanges, reverse exchanges and the identification rules. All of these issues are … Continue reading

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Beware the zombie invasion (stock exchange edition)

On September 18, Deloitte released a new report which outlines a roadmap for the competitive business climate in Canada. Included in the report is a warning that “Canada may have a zombie problem.” Luckily, Deloitte isn’t raising concern about hordes … Continue reading

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Coinbase takes steps toward first blockchain-based token exchange

In July 2018, Coinbase – one of the largest cryptocurrency platforms — announced that it had won regulatory approval for a trio of acquisitions. This announcement generated a lot of publicity that Coinbase is on its way to creating the … Continue reading

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Speeding Up Your Outlook: Cached Exchange Mode

Did you know that there are two ways to connect your Outlook to an Exchange account? There’s an Online Mode and Cached Exchange Mode. The Online Mode establishes and sustains a direct connection to your Exchange server. Cached Exchange Mode … Continue reading

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