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How Much Do “Free” Tampons Cost? #MenstrualCapitalism and Examples from New York State

Spurred by legislation introduced by New York State Assemblymember Linda Rosenthal, that state adopted a law that requires public schools to provide free menstrual hygiene products for students in grades 6-12. In April, 2018, Governor Andrew Cuomo tweeted the news: … Continue reading

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Five Examples How GDPR Affects US Small Businesses

Size has no bearing on an organization’s GDPR compliance obligations. GDPR requires process and technology changes across many functional areas. UpCounsel attorney Michael Witt shows five ways how GDPR affects small businesses in the US. Read more detail on Recent … Continue reading

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25 Great Examples of Guerrilla Marketing

From the E.Junkie.Info blog: Guerrilla Marketing is the most innovative form of marketing a business, it requires imagination, humor, wit and is executed in the most unconventional way, in the oddest of places. Creativity is the essence of guerrilla marketing. … Continue reading

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IRS Fraud Penalty & Examples (2018) – Badges of Fraud | IRS Tax Fraud

IRS Fraud Penalty & Examples (2018) – Badges of Fraud | IRS Tax Fraud IRS Fraud Penalty & Examples (2018) – Badges of Fraud | IRS Tax Fraud by Golding & Golding. IRS penalties can be tough, this is especially … Continue reading

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Interpretation of contracts by giving extreme examples is not helpful (UK)

A recent UK case made the following point regarding interpretation of contracts based on hypothetical, extreme examples: ‘There was also, as there sometimes is in commercial cases that turn on points of interpretation, the temptation to provide illustrations of ‘commercial … Continue reading

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