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11th Circuit sides with insurance company on “examination under oath”

Property insurance policies typically include provisions that the policyholder must cooperate in investigation and adjustment. This includes an examination under oath (EUO) — answering a lot of questions from the insurance company’s lawyer. Failure of the policyholder to submit to … Continue reading

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Examination Under Oath And 5th Amendment

A frequent phone call to insurance law lawyers is someone asking about participating in an examination under oath (EUO). Most people understand what taking the 5th means.  It refers to our right to not be compelled to say anything that … Continue reading

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Zoe’s cross examination of the secret barrister…

Zoe Saunders (@zasaunders) kindly reviewed the Secret Barrister's book for Pink Tape recently. Now she's only gone and managed to get an interview with SB him/herself. Before you all rush to press Zoe for the name and gender of SB, … Continue reading

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It’s Not a Wonderful Trademark Examination

It’s a wonderful life, collaborating with brand owners and marketing teams to advance their goals. Our work for brand owners also involves a collaboration of sorts with the U.S. Trademark Office. We work with the USPTO to obtain registrations for our clients and this … Continue reading

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Examination of State Level Personality Variation and Physician Aid in Dying Legislation

This new article by Rush University Medical Center researchers in the Journal of Pain & Symptom Management concludes that "The social dialogue and potential controversy surrounding physician aid in dying may be linked to aggregate differences in state personality profiles." … Continue reading

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